Kingbol Flush Mount Albums

Personalized wedding photo albums supplier for Photograph studio

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We only supply completed Flush mount album

we don't supply slide album, sticky album..etc

What kind photo paper and Printing quality: We print our normal album pages on a Fuji, The superior color and sharpness of Fuji crystal photo paper will will create rich arrangement and colors of your photography, if you like Metallic photo lab, Kodak Endura is option.

Internal page board material We print photo in spread size, folded it and glue it on thick cardboard,
photo paper mount on thick cardboard to make each pages, board thickness is 0.8 (flexible)/1.6(durable)

Album Size: 4x6 5x7 6x6 6x8 8x8 7x10 8x10 8x12 9x12 10x10 10x12 12x12 10x14 11x14 12x16 14x14 12x18 15x15"

What size is the gap in between the pages?
The center gap (commonly called "gutter") is the space between each page in the middle when the album is held open. We are proud to manufacture seamless flush mount albums without gap! great to display panoramic photos where the images goes from one page to the other. No gutter in the middle of spread page, it is seamless full page.

What are options for the album cover?
You can choose from 5 different style cover, black leather plain cover or with a window on the front cover (custom size and to add an extra photo), full color printing leather cover, hardcover book style cover, image wrapped dust jacket ( photo lab wrapped around the front and back cover). crystal transparent cover (front and back), Imprinting of names and date (or any text) , will cost extra cost, depends of text area size.

How to send artwork to us if you like to use our ftp server, Please prepare your album artwork and and upload to our ftp, to your owner file folder( please mail to us for ftp informations, and you can create your owner folder by your self). if you don't like or don't know how to use ftp service, you can use to send files to us or use our link to upload, please zip your album artwork folder to a zip file and then upload it.

Artwork resoulation 300dpi, format: jpeg, quality =8, color space: Adobe sRGB, bleeding/trim space is 1/4" each side, i.e. picture and text at least 1/4" away from edge

Payment method: PayPal or T/T to our Bank account (when total amount more than $1000) , if use bank transfer, please send bank receipt copy to us and then we are able to start your job. Payment term: 100% Advance payment

What's the turnaround time? Production time 15 work days depends of Cover style and shipping time about 3-5 days, total turnaround time about 20 days

Shipper: We send albums by FedEx/UPS/DHL/TNT. we don't use other courier service such as USPS and Postal service because their parcel can't be tracked, and we will provide waybill copy as a proof and this parcel must be able to tracking on courier's website.

Shipping period : 3-5 days

Ownership of images:

In order to order graphic design and/or albums/books made with your images, you must be the legal owner of the images and have permission to reproduce them. When placing your order you must accept all responsibility over any legal matters concerning the images used. Compliance with applicable laws: You must comply with any applicable laws, including but not limited to copyright, trademark and patent laws. Images containing obscene, illegal or in any way content that is offensive to others, will be rejected and no refund will be granted until the images are substituted with other acceptable images. This website is managed, owned and operated by Factory Direct Products. We reserve the right to screen and reject any questionable material.

We strive to provide the best quality photo printing and album binding, however, if upon receipt of your order you find any binding problems, pages or cover defects, please contact us via email . We will ask you to send the albums back with original packaging in order to correct any problems. you must send back album by FedEx/UPS/DHL/TNT. other courier service such as USPS and Postal service don't accept, and you must provide waybill as a proof and this parcel must be able to tracking on courier's website. 
from printing issue, you must apply a form of back albums to us within 5 days after tracking result shows you have received albums, and after we get album from you, we will deside of correct album problem or refund, (5% bank charges apply to all refunds, this amount will deducted from your total refund). There are no refunds after 5 days from the date you received albums from courier.

Special offer 10x10

we offer special price for 10x10 black leatherette cover with cameo, round spine, silvery edge, 12 pages ( 30 sides) flush mount album, please contact us for the special price

Special offer 10x14

we offer special price for 11x14 black leatherette cover, round spine, silvery edge, 12 pages ( 30 sides) flush mount album, please contact us for the special price

Sample Album


8x8 perspex front cover , black leather back cover, 20 sides, inner page with your studio water marker, price include shipping cost to your office by FedEx/DHL/UPS

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